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        Welcome to the official website of Shenzhen Guanhua Weiye Technology Co., Ltd.
        Talent Concept
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        Benefits Recruitment

        Talent Concept

        Have both ability and political integrity, with virtue first;

        Recruit the best talents;

        Internal selection and training;let outstanding people cultivate better talents.

        Respect for individuals, humanity management;

        "No one in the enterprise" will "stop", and employees are the most valuable asset of an enterprise.

        Company style

        Diligent and pragmatic, step by step

        Quick response, clear rewards and punishments

        Manage based on objective facts

        Lead the team based on creating value

        Give back to employees with the purpose of achieving goals

        Run the enterprise with mission and vision as the core

        Employment standards

        Good personal and professional ethics

        Strong sense of responsibility, correct career outlook

        Courage, self-confidence and innovative spirit

        Compound talents with T-shaped knowledge structure

        Good interpersonal understanding and communication skills and willing to help others

        Salary philosophy

        Provide highly competitive salary, distribute according to work, pay more for more work, taking into account incentives and fairness

        Salary structure: basic salary + post salary (including performance salary) + various allowances/subsidy bonuses + year-end bonus + dividends

        Post salary: The company implements a tiered broadband salary system, which is specifically based on the characteristics of the post and personal competence

        Performance concept

        Emphasizes the performance management thought of "paying is rewarded, and paying must be rewarded", and adheres to the performance orientation of the common development of employees and the company. The three established and improved systems are as follows:

        KPI evaluation and management system based on BSC

        EVA assessment and management system for new business

        Equity option incentive system for senior staff