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        Welcome to the official website of Shenzhen Guanhua Weiye Technology Co., Ltd.
        SOT-363 MOSFET
        You are here:Home >> Products >> Dual N-Channel MOSFET... >> SOT Package MOSFET... >> SOT-363 MOSFET
        Product Selection Table Sample application form Product leaflet
        Part NumberPackageTypeVDS(V)VGS ±(V)ID(A)RDS(ON) @ 4.5V Typ.(m?)RDS(ON) @ 10V Typ.(m?) Buy online Details
        WST2008SOT-363Dual N-Ch20V10V0.05A-- Buy online
        WST2007SOT-363Dual N-Ch20V8V1.4A140mΩ- Buy online
        WST2006SOT-363Dual N-Ch30V20V0.17A-5.5mΩ Buy online