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        Application of Mos Tube in Brushless Motor

        Time:2022-10-10 Views:976
        The application of brushless motor has spread all over the world and people‘s daily life. I believe everyone knows more or less. With the improvement of people‘s living standards and the development of modern production and office automation, household appliances, industrial robots and other equipment tend to be more and more efficient, miniaturized and highly intelligent. 
        Brushless motor has the characteristics of small size, light weight, long service life, high efficiency, low noise, small vibration, no spark, high reliability, good stability and strong adaptability. Since entering the Chinese market, it has been widely used in medical, consumer electronics, electric tools, automobiles, ships, smart homes, industrial control, automation, models, aviation and machinery industries, and has occupied an important place in various industries. 
        The performance of brushless motor depends on the motor driver to a great extent. However, MOS transistor plays an important role in the driving circuit. Now I will show you the application of MOS transistor in brushless motor. 
        Application of Mos Tube in Lithium Battery Power Tools
        Hand-held electric tools can effectively reduce the amount of labor, reduce labor intensity, portability, safe operation, so as to improve work efficiency. Therefore, electric tools are widely used in all aspects of life. Electric tools can be seen everywhere, Such as electric drills, chainsaws, Cutting machine, angle grinder, Impact drill, screwdriver, Hand drills, wrenches, etc., It is widely used, Including the machinery industry, Architectural decoration, Landscaping, wood processing, financial processing, etc. As the largest developing country in China, electric tools are classified into the category of advanced equipment manufacturing. The market demand is huge and the prospect continues to improve. Electric tools are gradually upgraded from DC brushless motors to DC brushless motors, and the requirements for MOSFET parameters such as volume, internal resistance and G pole charge are getting higher and higher. WINSOK Semiconductor has developed low-voltage MOSFET products with various packages and technologies for power tool applications. MOSFET for power tool applications has been fully verified and recognized by the market. With many years of application experience in motor loads, MOSFET for power tool applications has the characteristics of small internal resistance and good avalanche performance.






        The performance of brushless motor depends on the motor driver to a great extent. As an important part of executive components, the motor must have the characteristics of high precision, high speed and high efficiency; Therefore, to improve the performance of the drive motor, it is necessary to start with the power component, and MOS transistor plays an important role in the drive circuit!

        About Weishuo 
        WINSOK is a company specializing in the design of power semiconductor components and analog IC. Through continuous innovation of products, combined with market demand, we constantly accept new challenges, and continue to lean and deepen technology research and development. We are committed to providing products with excellent design and reliable performance to meet customer needs with quick response and service. Create value for customers and employees. And keep accumulating and breaking through, and develop continuously and permanently. Let WINSOK for the global intelligent process to make an effort, and then become the world‘s outstanding design company. 

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