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        Application of WINSOK MOS field effect transistor in intelligent express cabinet

        Time:2020-09-18 Views:4054


        型號 參數 封裝
        WST3400 N/ 30V/7A/18mΩ SOT-23-3L
        WSD30100 N/30V/100A/3.3mΩ DFN5X6-8
        WSD30L120 P/30V/-120A/3.6mΩ DFN5X6-8
        WSP4435 P/30V/8.2A/16mΩ SOP-8
        WSF40N06 N/60V/50A/20mΩ TO-252
        WST2314 N-Ch/20V/5.5A/26mΩ SOT-23-3L
        WSF45P06 P/-60V/-45A/30mΩ TO-252

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