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        Electrical Wisdom Creation and Innovative Application and Electrical Industry Chain Exchange Meeting (Autumn)

        Time:2022-11-23 Views:201
        The development of the motor industry has a high positive correlation with the development speed of the national economy and the growth level of fixed asset investment. The sustained and rapid development of China‘s national economy and the gradual improvement of the level of industrialization provide a good foundation for the sustained and rapid development of small and medium-sized motor industries.
        As the key device of electromechanical energy conversion, motor is also the basic component of electric drive. It has a wide range of applications, a variety of products, and a variety of specifications. Motor products are used in every field of the national economy. The motor equipment manufacturing industry has been in a mature period. With the new industrialization construction demand brought by China‘s industrial restructuring, industrial upgrading, energy conservation and environmental protection, the entire domestic motor industry will be in a continuous rising cycle.
        Electric machinery is also an industry supported by national industrial policies. In the future, the market application proportion of motor will increase significantly. By promoting motors, eliminating inefficient motors in use, remanufacturing inefficient motors, and matching energy-saving transformation of motor systems according to their load characteristics and operating conditions, it will bring huge market space for the development of motors.

        Obvious energy-saving trend
        Under the goal of "double carbon", the structural transformation and upgrading of the motor industry will force the upgrading of motor products, and energy-saving motors will soon usher in broad development space. China‘s sustained and rapid economic development has also made China a major energy consumer in the world. The power consumption of motors accounts for more than 70% of the total power consumption of the society. The improvement of motor and system efficiency has become one of the industries with great potential for energy conservation and emission reduction.
        As China actively promotes and supports the development of motor and motor system energy conservation projects, as well as the comprehensive implementation of the stricter "environmental protection law" in history, the development of super efficient small and medium-sized motors, speed regulating motors, permanent magnet motors, motor system energy conservation and other products and the application of green energy conservation technologies have become an inevitable choice for the development of motor products. Various energy-saving schemes and green energy-saving products for various motor systems in different application fields and industrial sectors have emerged. The extensive application of super efficient motors in automotive electronics, electric tools, intelligent household appliances, intelligent agriculture and other fields has enabled the motor market in China to gain significant growth opportunities. ?

        Wide downstream demand and broad market prospect
        In recent years, the small and medium-sized motor industry has shown great vitality. The production and marketing scale and economic benefits have been greatly improved. The deepening of digital and automation transformation of enterprises has changed the industry situation. Since 2016, the total output of small and medium-sized motors in China has shown a momentum of continuous growth. By 2021, the total output of small and medium-sized motors in China will reach 248.659 million kilowatts, up 10.9% year on year. According to data estimates, the motor market will continue to grow at a compound annual rate of 4.5% in the future.
        The 2022 ‘China Motor Intelligent Manufacturing and Innovative Application and Motor Industry Chain Exchange (Autumn) is themed with "Creating‘ Core ‘and Enabling Intelligent Manufacturing Upgrade", aiming to comply with the development tide of the motor industry, further strengthen the in-depth communication and cooperation between the motor industry chains, promote the innovative application of efficient energy-saving motors, and help the motor industry to achieve intelligent transformation and upgrading. This is not only the expectation for the development of the motor industry under the new policy, but also the encouragement for the self innovation of the motor industry practitioners.
        With the deepening trend of intelligence, motors pay more attention to intelligence and automation in the manufacturing field. Secondly, in terms of application, in addition to traditional household appliances, automobiles and other fields, motors have also achieved innovative development in aerospace, smart medical and other fields. In order to better understand the current reality of motor intelligent manufacturing and innovative application, as well as the future development trend, this summit will bring together senior scholars, experts and technicians in the motor industry to discuss the overall trend of the motor industry. At the same time, the Summit will also hold a special exchange meeting on the motor industry chain to exchange ideas and collide with industry professionals, so as to jointly spark wisdom. On November 25, 2022, the 2022 ‘China Electrical Intelligent Manufacturing and Innovation Application Summit and Electrical Industry Chain Exchange (Autumn) looks forward to your arrival!