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        Invitation Letter Guanhua Weiye invites you to attend the "2022 Motor Control Advanced Technology Seminar"

        Time:2022-11-15 Views:517
        Summary of activities
        With the wide use of energy-efficient motors in automobile, agriculture, air conditioning and washing machines, the global motor market has been greatly increased. According to the statistics of Mar-ketsandMarkets, the global motor market will be 113.3 billion US dollars in 2020. Although COVID-19 pandemic has not been completely contained in the past two years, most parts of the world have begun to change their coping strategies and their economies have started to improve. 
        In recent years, With the new permanent magnet materials, microelectronics technology, automatic control technology, And power electronics technology, Especially, with the development of high-power switching devices and the improvement of domestic high-voltage and high-speed motor manufacturing technology, the trend of intelligent motor system is becoming more and more obvious. Therefore, we specially held this seminar on advanced technology of motor control, which provides an information and exchange platform for the majority of electrical engineers and helps them improve their working skills. 
        Exhibition time: 
        November 17 
        Marriott Shenzhen Bay, Nanshan District, Shenzhen 

        Highlights of the meeting: 
        Well-known big coffee in the industry gathered together 
        Share advanced technology of motor control 
        Accurate coverage of the industrial chain involves a wide range of fields 
        2022 Symposium on Advanced Technology of Motor Control

        Application model of micro-MOS transistor in brushless motor

        型號 封裝 溝道 電壓 電流 內阻
        WSD60N12G DFN5X6-8 N 120V 70A 10mΩ
        WSD80120 DFN5X6-8 N 100V 40A 14mΩ
        WSD75100 DFN5X6-8 N 75V 100A 5.3mΩ
        WSD6040 DFN5X6-8 N 60V 36A 14mΩ
        WSD40120G DFN5X6-8 N 40V 120A 1.8mΩ
        WSD40110 DFN5X6-8 N  40V 110A 2.5mΩ
        WSD4038 DFN5X6-8 N 40V 38A 10.5mΩ
        WSD30100 DFN5X6-8 N 30V 100A 3.3mΩ
        WSD20100 DFN5X6-8 N 20V 90A 1.6mΩ
        WSD50P10 DFN5X6-8 P -100V -34A 32mΩ
        WSD90P06 DFN5X6-8 P -60V -90A 10mΩ
        WSD20L100 DFN5X6-8 P -20V -100A 3.5mΩ
        WSD46N10 DFN5X6-8 Dual N 100V 40A 14mΩ
        WSD30L88 DFN5X6-8 Dual P -30V -49A 11.5mΩ
        WSD3069 DFN5X6-8 N 30V 16A 15mΩ
        P -30V -16A 15mΩ
        WSF60120 TO-252 N 60V 110A 3mΩ
        WSF4060 TO-252 N 40V 60A 7.2mΩ
        WSF4012 TO-252 N 40V 30A 21mΩ
        P -40V -20A 38mΩ
        WSF3013 TO-252 N 30V 12A 14mΩ
        P -30V -11.5A 23mΩ
        WSP6956 SOP-8 Dual N 60V 10A 15mΩ
        WSP4982 SOP-8 Dual N 40V 7A 24mΩ
        WSP4067 SOP-8 N 40V 7.5A 16mΩ
        P -40V -5.5A 30mΩ
        WSR140N12 TO-220 N 120V 140A 5mΩ
        WSR80N10 TO-220 N 100V 85A 10mΩ
        WSR200N08 TO-220 N 80V 200A 2.9mΩ
        WSR70P10D TO-220 P -100V -70A 19mΩ