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        Guanhua Weiye | National Day, Family Reunion

        Time:2020-09-30 Views:5174

        October 1, 2020

        August 15th, Gengzi Year

        Golden osmanthus fragrant in autumn season

        We are celebrating the 71st birthday of the People‘s Republic of China.

        National Day coincides with the Mid-Autumn Festival,

        Full moon in the sky, the red flag flying

        We bathe in the glory of the motherland’s birthday

        Guanhua Weiye-National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival Gifts

        Celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival

        The moon is the hometown, and the love is the hometown.

        Every holiday season, I miss my dear friends,

        The Mid-Autumn Festival reunites people with the full moon.

        Entrusting homesickness and family feelings,

        Pray for a good harvest, happiness, and happiness,

        China endemic poetic,

        Passing on for thousands of years, becoming the gene of every Chinese son and daughter

        Guanhua Weiye customized Mid-Autumn Festival mooncakes for employees‘ families

        Mid-Autumn Festival gift to employees‘ families

        On the occasion of this reunion festival

        To thank all Guanhua‘s family members for their silent support and encouragement to our work

        Guanhua Weiye presents Mid-Autumn Festival gifts and holiday greetings to the family members of each employee

        Guanhua express sincere respect

        And extend most loyal thanks and deepest blessings

        May they have a happy Mid-Autumn Festival, good health and happy family!

        A letter from Guanhua Weiye to his family


        Mid-autumn gift

        It‘s also indispensable for Guanhua Albert‘s friends

        Lots of gifts

        Full of heart

        Guanhua Weiye-Celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival
        Guanhua Weiye-Celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival
        Guanhua Weiye-Celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival
        Guanhua Weiye-Welcome National Day
        Guanhua Weiye-Welcome National Day

        Celebrate National Day

        Splendid China 71st birthday

        71st anniversary of the founding of the People‘s Republic of China

        From 1949 to 2020

        71 years of ups and downs

        71 years old

        The oriental dragon looks down upon the sky

        The rise of the Chinese nation to take off

        Celebrate this day

        Let us cheer for the 71st anniversary of the founding of New China

        I wish the great motherland

        happy Birthday!

        Guanhua Weiye-Celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival, Welcome National Day

        Spend a good moon and welcome the Mid-Autumn Festival

        Celebrate National Day with All Days

        Reunion and welcoming the prosperous China

        Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day

        All employees of Guanhua Weiye

        May the motherland be prosperous and prosperous;

        I wish you all a family reunion, peace and joy!

        All employees of Guanhua Weiye